We teach families the connection between real, whole foods & the powers they provide.

25% of all profits from book sales will be used to advance children's wellness.

100% of profits from sticker sales will be used towards our work with schools and low-income families.

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See What's Inside Our Book!

  • Dr. Michael Goran, Author of Sugarproof

    Haley and Tarek are on a mission to teach young kids about the power of nutrition! Their children's book, My SuperHero Foods is fun, cute, informative and super creative. The book and the accompanying website mysuperherofoods.com are valuable resources that every family, pre-school and pediatrician should know about and share. Told through the eyes of Ethan and Sophie, we learn about the nutritional value of everyday foods and how they strengthen young growing bodies. Kudos to Haley and Tarek. Their passion, creativity and dedication to children's health shines through.

  • Kara Goldin, Founder of Hint

    Such a great book to teach kids early about what to put in their bodies!

  • Parker Brook, Founder of Lovebird Cereal

    Loved the book and so did my daughter. Great way to communicate the importance and benefit of eating nutrient dense food in an engaging way. She's never been more excited about broccoli.

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