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My SuperHero Foods

Donate a copy of My SuperHero Foods to a SCHOOL or LOW INCOME FAMILY

Donate a copy of My SuperHero Foods to a SCHOOL or LOW INCOME FAMILY

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At My SuperHero Foods, it's important for us to set up a way to support schools and low-income families as they tend to have the least access to real, whole foods. We give back as much as we can by giving 25% of profits to advanced kids' wellness, but we'd love your help with this too!

Purchase a copy of My SuperHero Foods (at a discount that covers our costs) to donate to a school or a family who is unable to afford the book.

We'll notify you to let you know the name of the school or family that receives your donation copy.

Thanks so much for your support!



My SuperHero Foods is a one-of-a-kind book that will stimulate your children’s curiosities about healthy eating. They’ll learn the super powers they’ll gain from eating broccoli, carrots, salmon, almonds, and much more as they join Ethan and Sophie on a fun super power packed day!


Ethan and Sophie are siblings who love to eat healthy SuperHero foods. These SuperHero foods give them more energy. They help them jump higher, run faster, and think better.

And now you can join Ethan and Sophie for a day of healthy eating and activities. You’ll make breakfast, pick home grown vegetables, do yoga, and go for a hike with SuperHero foods by your side. Ethan and Sophie will teach you the benefits of SuperHero foods and motivate you to eat them so that you can have super powers too.


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“My 3 boys love this book! After reading it we had such a fun conversation about SuperHero foods!”


My SuperHero Foods/Sleep Hardcover Book Bundle

Receive a hardcover copy of My SuperHero Foods and My SuperHero Sleep in one amazing discounted bundle.

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Words of Kindness

  • "This isn’t just another healthy book but was written beautifully in a story to capture the minds of the little kids."

    Randhi – Mama and blogger

  • "Such a well illustrated, and easy to read (it rhymes!!) informative book! My 4 year old loved it!"

    Leah, the veggie lady – Health & Wellness Advocate

  • "This book is adorable and heartwarming - teaching kids about superfoods!"

    Liv – Functional Nutritionist

  • "So clear, fun, and an easy way to think about food. My son was excited to learn about dark chocolate, sea berries and gooseberries."

    Tisha Weber – Podcast host, Beautifully