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Rise and Shine: 18 Ways to Unlock Your Family's Best Sleep DIGITAL E-BOOK

Rise and Shine: 18 Ways to Unlock Your Family's Best Sleep DIGITAL E-BOOK

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This e-book is for parents & caregivers was created as a companion guide to our children’s book, My SuperHero Sleep. You can read this book on your own while you read the children’s book to your kids to deepen your understanding of the principles we cover in our children’s book. We find that as kids become excited about the powers of quality sleep, parents & caregivers do as well!  

You can also read this e-book as a standalone book and get lots of benefits, even if you don't have kids.

You’ll receive a digital download of the PDF e-book after check out. 


Created for parents & caregivers, Rise & Shine is filled with more than 55 pages of  practical tips to improve your family's sleep quality.

What is the ideal bedtime routine for my kids?

What’s the best way to fall back asleep when I’m tossing and turning in the middle of the night?

Should I take sleep supplements like melatonin? 

We answer these questions and more by deconstructing common sleep myths and breaking down the complex science behind sleep. We read through dozens of books and resources to put together this actionable and helpful guide for families. These 18 tips and tricks are family friendly and suitable for all ages!

Getting quality sleep every night is equally as important as eating real foods every day! Start improving your sleep by incorporating these methods into your routine over time. You’ll notice a difference in your energy levels, mood, and every other aspect of your life!

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Customer Reviews

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A must-read.

Super easy to read and well-designed. It's a high quality e-book.

It answers all those nagging questions like how to create the perfect bedtime routine, what to do when you can’t fall back asleep, and whether sleep supplements are a good idea. The best part? It’s written in a way that’s easy to understand and super actionable. As a mom, I found the tips incredibly helpful, and I've seen a noticeable improvement in our energy and mood. Even if you don’t have kids, the advice in this book is gold. Trust me, your family’s sleep will thank you!


“My 3 boys love this book! After reading it we had such a fun conversation about SuperHero foods!”


My SuperHero Foods/Sleep Hardcover Book Bundle

Receive a hardcover copy of My SuperHero Foods and My SuperHero Sleep in one amazing discounted bundle.

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Words of Kindness

  • "This isn’t just another healthy book but was written beautifully in a story to capture the minds of the little kids."

    Randhi – Mama and blogger

  • "Such a well illustrated, and easy to read (it rhymes!!) informative book! My 4 year old loved it!"

    Leah, the veggie lady – Health & Wellness Advocate

  • "This book is adorable and heartwarming - teaching kids about superfoods!"

    Liv – Functional Nutritionist

  • "So clear, fun, and an easy way to think about food. My son was excited to learn about dark chocolate, sea berries and gooseberries."

    Tisha Weber – Podcast host, Beautifully