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My Superhero Foods
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My Superhero Sleep
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Guide to Seed Oils
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28-Day Meal Guide
Building a Healthier Generation, One Home at Time
"Such a great book to teach kids early about what to put in their bodies!"
Kara Goldin
"Amazing illustrations and beautifully written! Your kids will love it!"
Aarti Anand
“So clear, fun, and an easy way to think about food. My son was excited to learn about dark chocolate, sea berries and gooseberries.”
Tisha Weber
"Wonderful rhymes and illustrations to support healthy nutrition!"
Jamie Connors
"This wonderful book describes different food groups and tells WHY they’re healthy and what they do for you. Can I confess that I learned some things?"
Rebecca Jordan
"This isn’t just another healthy book but was written beautifully in a story to capture the minds of the little kids."
Randhi Perera
"We are loving My SuperHero Foods book at our house! This book has the best illustrations!"
Melissa Carrier-Damon
"Such a well illustrated, and easy to read (it rhymes!!) informative book! My 4 year old loved it!"
Leah Sucharski
"This book is a Holistic Pediatrcian's dream. It has great tips on all the superfoods, while outlining why kids should eat them in a rhyming fashion and with good humor. An easy read for all ages. I have it in my clinic for kids to have at their check ups."
Dr. Ana Maria Temple
Why Does Wellness Matter? Our children's success hinges on their wellness. We firmly believe in their right to knowledge, recognizing their intelligence. Without it, they can't flourish. Sadly, factors like deceptive advertisements and profit-driven corporations are harming our children's well-being.
14.7 Million children are obese!
22% of children have 1 or more of the common mental, emotional, and behavioral health conditions.
60%+ of students get enough sleep
50%+ of children are exposed to high lead levels in early childhood
50%+ of American babies are at risk for malnourishment
70% of our kids’ calories come from processed food
Nurture your kids from Head to Toe
Banish Harmful Foods Reclaim control over your child’s well-being by removing harmful foods from their diet.
Nourish Your Family Empower your kids from the inside out and provide them with the food they need to feed their body’s needs.
Dive Into Dreamland Quality rest is the cornerstone of childhood development, essential for supporting physical growth, cognitive function, and emotional well-being.
Our Mission
Empowering Parents Our goal is to provide practical, accurate information and create effective tools, ensuring our kids have the greatest opportunity to thrive and succeed in life.
Educating Kids The secret to lifelong wellness starts with building fundamental habits of wellness at a young age. We teach kids to listen to and take of their bodies from the very start.
Providing Easily Accessible Resources We are dedicated to offering current, clear, and straightforward resources on wellness during a time of widespread confusion and misinformation. We want you to make informed choices and lead healthier, happier lives.
Creating a Community We embark on a journey to transform the status quo! Inspire each other to strive for excellence and push boundaries. Our shared vision and commitment will lead us to success together!
Learn More about our books
My Superhero Foods Teach Your Kids the Power of Food Introducing a one-of-a-kind children's book that will excite and ignite their curiosity about nutrient-rich foods. Through captivating storytelling, children will naturally associate food with superpowers. Join Ethan and Sophie on an adventure-filled day brimming with superpower-packed fun!
My Superhero Sleep Teach Your kids how to Rest well Ethan and Sophie are back for another adventure-filled day to help your kids understand the power of quality sleep! Through Ethan and Sophie, your kids will learn how sleeping well supports their bodies, minds, mental health, creativity, and more!
My SuperHero Guide Help your Kids identify harmful ingredients From the bestselling authors of My SuperHero Foods comes The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Seed Oils in Your Kitchen, which cuts through the confusion about healthy vs. unhealthy fats by providing a helpful balance of practical tips and background information so you feel confident deciding what fats to buy and cook with.
28-Day Meal Guide Create a nourishing and stress-free morning Transform your mornings with our easy-to-use and content-rich meal guide. Our guide is full of tools and recipes that will make it easy to trade out ultra-processed packaged foods for hearty, nutrient-dense breakfasts that will set your kids up for success with a better mood, stronger focus, improved behavior, and sustained energy. Plus, it's designed for cooks of all levels.
Hello! We're Haley Scheich and Dr. Tarek Pacha, husband-and-wife duo and the co-founders of My Superhero Foods! As parents, we've discovered that many children are deprived of the chance to flourish. Big Food prioritizes profits over our kids' health by concealing sugar and other harmful ingredients. Food labels are often deceptive and incredibly difficult to decipher, leaving parents confused. Moreover, deceptive direct marketing targets our children, exacerbating the problem. We have progressed beyond merely emphasizing the significance of food and shifted our focus to children's overall wellness. Our goal is to offer straightforward, actionable advice for you, the parents! We aspire to build a community of like-minded individuals. Our kids deserve this vital information and must not wait until they're older.
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